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ergintandal design journal's Journal

Saturday, March 20, 2004

5:37AM - plastic force

In order to determine this degree of history and, through that, the borderline at which the past must be forgotten if it is not to become the gravedigger of the present, we have to know precisely how great the plastic force of a person, a people, or a culture is. I mean that force of growing in a different way out of oneself, of reshaping and incorporating the past and the foreign, of healing wounds, compensating for what has been lost, rebuilding shattered forms out of one's self. There are people who possess so little of this force that they bleed to death incurably from a single experience, a single pain, often even from a single tender injustice, as from a really small bloody scratch. On the other hand, there are people whom the wildest and most horrific accidents in life and even actions of their own wickedness injure so little that right in the middle of these experiences or shortly after they bring the issue to a reasonable state of well being with a sort of quiet conscience.


Thursday, April 11, 2002

9:45PM - design journal initiated

don't expect a lot of work in here just yet. my primary game design projects at the moment are magnus12, tilde and the mask of :p, and kinder der alter (in that order). after i get the first two of those done and the second one mostly designed (and set to be shipped off to moogle's directing eptitude), i'll once again focus my efforts on ergintandal. this will be in the summer, about late may to middle june. most of my summer will be spent on ergintandal's development, so expect a lot of updates at that time. during that time i will upload the design document to this livejournal.